Another test, and new info:)

Getting closer with the app tests. Most importantly checking how Twitter reacts to longer posts. If I post from my website blog (which this is), it provides a link to the full text, which naturally would require a click to open it elsewhere. This is good because it drives traffic to the website, but at the same time prevents me from writing simple Twitter posts. If I use other apps (Everypost seems to be my favorite so far. Thanks to all of you who suggested others. They all seem to have annoying limitations, like not posting to everywhere I'd like at once...), then Twitter of course caps me out at 140 characters and then that affects blogs on other sites. I may just have to do a combination of things. Short comments sometimes through Twitter and Facebook, and then longer ones (like this:)) that post everywhere but also provide a link to the website blog . Let me explain how this will work when my experiments are complete. I hope it's not confusing. All posts to Twitter and Tumblr will be identical, and include updates to both music and photography, as well as opinions, political rants and other random comments. Photography posts and photographs (unless related to music) will end up on the Photography Facebook Page, as well as the photography website blog. Music project info will end up on the "Official Artist" Facebook Page as well as the music website. ALL political and other op-ed style pieces and rants will show up on the "Official Artist" Facebook Page (and maybe the music website). They will not be on the Photography pages. I believe the photo pages are for photos only and maybe some blogs related to them (such as my visit to Auschwitz last year for example). All ranting will be done on the music pages because, let's face it, a musician can be a crazy nutjob who yaps  about current affairs, whereas a photographer should really just stick to taking fucking pictures....;) much love. Sx